Selection of optimum cutting parameters for CNC machining

By M. KRISHNAMOORTHY Role of cutting tools and optimum machining parameters: Right selection of cutting tools and cutting parameters is extremely important in CNC Machining.  Today CNC machine tools come with host of features like high spindle power, higher spindle speed (RPM), re circulating ball screws for accurate & fast movements, powerful CNC controller, etc.., In similar lines, latest cutting tools are able to sustain toughest cutting conditions based on [...]

Engineering Drawing

By M. KRISHNAMOORTHY Engineering Drawing is supposed to be the language of engineers, enabling seamless communication across the entire design thro manufacturing cycle. Engineers across multiple functions viz. Design, Engineering or planning, production, assembly and quality refer engineering drawing  day in / day out. In simple terms, engineering drawing contains the complete manufacturing information including size dimensions, tolerances,  related to size, Need of tolerances: Engineering design and Engineering drawing are never [...]

Finishing School in Production Engineering

By M. KRISHNAMOORTHY Role of CNC Machines in Manufacturing industry: CNC machines have become the order of the day in every manufacturing industry. CNC applications are wide spread across all units – be it mass production or batch production in all industry segments including automobiles, aerospace, tool rooms, heavy industries, Oil & Gas, Wind energy, Medical, etc., However, increased use of CNC machines / CNC automation doesn’t result in enhanced productivity [...]

Hands on training

By M. KRISHNAMOORTHY Hands on training methodology always makes the understanding complete and gives tremendous confidence amongst the learners. Engineering education in India is more of class room learning  and the students lack seriously in practicals.  IMTMA’s FINISHING SCHOOL IN PRODUCTION ENGINEERING is a blend of class room sessions and hands-on practice in CNC machines, metrology equipment, cutting tools, work holding accessories, etc., Hands on training enables the students to apply the concepts [...]