Live Demo on Implementing Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) organized a Live Demo on INDUSTRY 4.0 concept during IMTEX 2019, from 24 to 29 January at its Technology Centre at BIEC.

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, and is the biggest shift in the manufacturing world since automation. In this, all resources like men, machines, equipment and process are digitally linked and monitored continuously in real-time. The movement of the material, starting from purchase to delivery to the customer, all the information are tracked and displayed in the visual form for management, which in turn helps to improve efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing unit.

At the IMTMA Technology Centre, a model smart factory has been setup, where CNC Turning Centre, CNC Machining Centre, Digital Height Gauge and CMM machines are digitally connected and monitored in real-time. The real time data is acquired through the data acquisition devices and CNC controls.

For the model Smart Manufacturing DEMO, the following facilities have been used to track and monitor the production process:

  • Smart factory software – Track & Trace for tracking raw material to final product, at every stage of its production process
  • Bar-code technology for tracking the material movement
  • TPM track device in Jyoti DX200 CNC Turning Centre for monitoring the real-time OEE and production analysis
  • Energy monitoring in Jyoti DX200 CNC Turning Centre for measuring process parameters like energy, load, flow etc.
  • Machine ConnectTM software for acquiring data directly from CNC controller of BFW CNC Machining Centre
  • CMM and Digital Height Gauge measuring machines are connected through SPC software that acquires online measurements from in-process, or post-process digital gauges and Display SPC and SQC charts Live
  • ANDON-Visual Factory software for providing real-time visual indicators at machine, assembly stations or individual department areas, which helps to reduce time for corrective actions