Outcome of Industry 4.0: Predictive and Adaptive Controls

Since Industry 4.0 is all about Data Automation, Big Data, Data Analytics and availability of Reports and Escalations anytime, anywhere; there is a big question “What is the tangible outcome of having so much more Data?”

Ultimately when should one invest in buying an X- Ray Machine?

  1. When there is competence to make out on X-Ray Image between a fractured bone and normal bone
  2. When there are resources and competence to cure a fractured bone.

But, it not entirely correct … Data / Monitoring leads to “Control” and eventually into “Learning and Improvement”.

If the corrective approach is based on Post Mortem Data …it leads to improvement next time when similar situation comes …that is “Predictive Approach”

If the Data Processing and Analytics happen in “near Real Time” adaptive corrections could be implemented in an one going process also …that is “Adaptive Approach”

Based on local Edge Computing there could always be some “Shop floor reflex” driven corrections without much of Data use …they are largely based upon “Readings”

To answer the question about Tangible Benefits from additional Data … The Data driven corrections which improve the performance, agility and survival of enterprise at the level of shop floor manufacturing as well as at Business Level

Advisor – IMTMA