Engineering Drawing


Engineering Drawing is supposed to be the language of engineers, enabling seamless communication across the entire design thro manufacturing cycle. Engineers across multiple functions viz. Design, Engineering or planning, production, assembly and quality refer engineering drawing  day in / day out. In simple terms, engineering drawing contains the complete manufacturing information including size dimensions, tolerances,  related to size,

Need of tolerances:

Engineering design and Engineering drawing are never complete without assigning tolerances. Tolerancing is an important and essential element of mass production and interchangeable manufacturing. Tolerances attempt to balance the use of a product with the cost required to produce that product. Improper tolerancing can result in parts that do not function in the way they were intended or parts produced with dimensions that are more precise than necessary, adding unwanted cost to production.

During the entire Design thro Manufacturing process, proper use of fits & tolerances is very crucial in order to bring out quality end products at optimum cost.

Training in Limits & Fits:

Sound knowledge in Limits, Fits & Tolerances is essential for engineers involved  in design, engineering, production, assembly and quality functions of Engineering Industries

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) is organizing an exclusive hands on course “FINISHING SCHOOL IN PRODUCTION ENGINEERING at IMTMA Technology Centre, Bangalore & Pune to enhance skill sets of engineers and supervisors from manufacturing industries. This 4 weeks duration course is totally practical oriented with Hands on practice in production CNC machines, CAD/CAM, Metrology equipment, Tooling & work holding systems and other accessories.

Limits, Fits and Tolerances as well as GD&T is covered in detail during the course with live samples and practical demonstrations. Actual Industry drawings / case studies are given for discussion / practice