Modern Automotive Needs And Latest trends In Forging Technology

By Dr Vasant Khisty (

The Auto, Agricultural and construction industry is going through continuous change and this change is the outcome of customer demands as well as new environmental norms. Forgings contribute a major share in vehicles in terms of weight, strength and value. Forging industry is aligning itself with various technological solutions for the evolving demands from the automotive sector. India is a major force in Forging manufacturing and shall play a crucial part in meeting the new demands of global customers.

Emission norms and light weighting of automotive are driving changes in product configuration and also creating opportunities for alternate technologies like sintering fabrication etc.

Indian organisations are losing their competitiveness as an industry as manufacturers in other parts of the world are embracing new and modern technologies. These industries are identifying niche products and focus their capacities on one or two product lines and focus on going up the value chain instead of being just a general forger.

This training program touches on basics of forging technology, various applications, conventional technologies, new customer demands, new forging configuration, modern specialised technologies, tool making, simulation , IOT in forging technology and recipe for Indian manufacture to compete in the global economy. The main agenda is to create awareness regarding elimination of waste by investing in new technologies and manufacturing practices and become globally competitive.

Seminar on on the topic Modern Automotive needs and Latest trends in Forging Technology will be held in Chennai on July 14, 2016. For details Click Here