Only the “Low Hanging Fruits” cannot sell Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is perceived to be all pervasive requirement of evolution that begins with Data Automation and ends into Reports and Customized Dashboards

Customised- Real Time Dash Boards

Variety of Reports anytime, anywhere

But, above approach is at best the “Low Hanging Fruits” based first baby step, which are sought to be majorly pursued to initiate Industry 4.0 implementation.

Industry 4.0 acceptance in India drags its feet, because it is hard to evaluate and justify in terms on tangible Return on Investment.

  • Industries and Businesses any way address most A and B class factors which are vital, with or without Data Automation
  • That leaves out mostly the “nice to do” things which normally may not get enough priority and traction
  • Machine Tool Industry on its part, finds it convenient to offer features that are intimately linked to machine OEE, Utilisation, Condition Monitoring, Process Parameters / Quality , Energy Consumption, Uptime / Downtime and Breakdown History
  • These do not make any sizable impact to the bottom-line in currently existing Business Scenario where most of Industry is struggling for Capacity Utilization, owing to sluggish market demand
  • As long as the pitch for Industry 4.0 does not go beyond above “Low Hanging Fruits”; it will be difficult to sell Industry 4.0 in India
  • What is missing is often the “Grand Integration” at Software Level to connect shop floor to Top Floor
  • Ultimately all of Data Automation must lead to “Predictive and Adaptive” improvements in working which was heretofore not perceivable / possible.
  • It may still be difficult to quantify, but it would throw up opportunities for unprecedented improvements in competency and performance where it matters the most for Business

— Avinash Khare
Consultant & Head of IMTMA Technology Centre, Pune